Stealing from Barney

Is Barney still on television today? Thankfully, the purple dinosaur was not popular in our house when my kids were younger. Yet, while the show annoyed some parents on oh so many levels, many of us still felt free to steal from it.

You know who you are. When you couldn’t get your kids to start cleaning up, you broke into song, “Clean up. Clean up. Everybody, everywhere. Clean up. Clean up. Everybody do you share.” And like magic nine times out of ten, the kids actually started cleaning up.

If I’d been really smart (and significantly less sleep deprived), I would have noticed the dramatic affect that music could have on behavior. I might have made up some song to get my toddler into his car seat without a major tantrum and meltdown. Or written some lyrics to make teeth brushing not a game of hide-and-seek.

I had the opportunity to talk to a music therapist last week who readily confirmed that music does in fact make transitions and routines easier for children. You can listen to the conversation and hear what she had to say.


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