I admit it. After what What to Expect in the First Year, the only other parenting book I’ve picked up has been From Diapers to Dating (which I highly recommend). My kids are now 10 and 7, and I guess I’ve been winging it. Who has time to wade through it all? Besides, whenever I pick up a parenting book now, I just feel guilty about all of the ways I’ve probably already screwed them up.

So it’s pretty ironic that I wound up spending my days reading child development research. When I was public relations director for FPG Child Development Institute, I translated research into something that I hoped others would find interesting. Now I’m working for The North Carolina Partnership for Children, Inc., the organization that oversees Smart Start–still working on behalf of young children. I’ve decided to continue the blog–it’s my attempt to add my two cents to what I’m reading in research, the experiences I have with my own kids, stories from my friends, and what I see in the news.

Tracy Zimmerman
Full-time Parent, Wife and PR Mom (PRmom)


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